Ordering raw meat shouldn't be harder than eating it.

Meatwale is simply the easiest way to order raw meat for delivery at your home. Whatever you're in the mood for, wherever you're in the mood for it, you've got it. We are simply a call away. Meatwale.com is a registered trademark and we make sure to partner with only quality and deserving people who are willing to serve society with full hygiene.

Meatwale.com is the pioneer in the unique business model of delivering raw meat items at your door step. We are the leading non vegetarian food chain mainly for raw chicken and raw mutton. The idea behind is to serve the society by giving them a hassle free home delivery for these items. Meatwale.com products are procured from quality vendors working in markets and Meatwale does not manufacture anything from its own, all items are completely procured from suppliers and Meatwale is only involved in logistics (delivering) of goods to the stores.

Yet India has an unorganized market for raw chicken and raw mutton and we want to create a platform where users can order non veg items by simply giving a call and we will be more than happy to serve the same at your door step. The idea is to help house wife by making quick decisions to make non veg food with a hassle free doorstep delivery.

Our Vision

To be the most profitable QSR business, through a strong franchise network and with our great team of investors. We look forward to see our products in every household in Indian kitchen with a promise of hygiene and commitment of fresh and tender taste. Meatwale.com is poised to serve non- veg food in a fast, friendly environment and the company must realize to rank and maintain itself as a top brand within this sector.

Our Mission

Meatwale.com is looking forward to have a strong presence with 2500 plus outlets in India with our set of investors. We invite investors / entrepreneurs to manage our stores in there city/states and apart from hygiene, taste, commitment we want to generate employment for thousands of entrepreneurs who are willing to create their own business and overall to support the economy. We look forward to have a share of 15 % of the huge market of unorganised raw chicken/mutton market which is around 30 Billion USD as of now.