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The Industry

The meat production industry is a vital part of the Indian agricultural setup. According to a research, meat production in India is estimated at 6.3 million tons annually and is ranked 5th in the world in terms of production volume. The nation has the world’s largest population of livestock at about 515 million.

Almost 70% of the Indian population is non-vegetarian. The per capita meat consumption in India every year is around 7.1kg. Chicken and fish have the highest consumption rate. The consumption of poultry meat in India was over 3.9 million metric tons in 2022-23.

Meat and meat products are crucial part of the Human Diet. Meat is highly demanded food items of human being due to presence of plentiful proteins, minerals and all the B-complex vitamins with excellent digestibility and well-balanced composition of essential amino acids. Population growth, urbanization, changed life styles and increased per capita income are fuelling a massive increase in demand for food of animal origin all around the world. Delgado et al (1999) made a prediction that the demand for milk will double and that for meat will treble in India by 2022. As per World Bank projection, worldwide demand for food will increase by 50% and for meat by 85% by 2030. Reports also suggest 90 percent of the demand for meat in the country is handled by the unorganised sector. In fact, meat is the only category in the $300 billion grocery market that does not function in an organised manner.

Definitely these information is sufficient enough to understand the future of Meat Industry in India.